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  • Brine bath with neck shower and bubble seats
  • Spa
  • Brie pool: couple under neck shower

Spa and wellness

sauna • steam bath • shower • quiet room • garden

Steam bath + sauna

The (Finnish) sauna with hot, dry air (80-90° C) leads to detoxification, cleansing and relaxation. It helps relieve stress and serves the physical recovery, as it can prepare the muscle system intensively for future efforts.
In the steam baths, the temperature is about 45° C. The steam bath is particularly recommended for people suffering from respiratory diseases. The reason for this is that the aromatized steam as well as the high humidity ensure a relaxed and better breathing. People who are struggling with muscle tension or are simply exhausted can relax and unwind in the steam bath. A steam bath is not unbearably hot; the temperature is on average 45 degrees Celsius, which literally dampens the sweating. Therefore, many people who have circulatory problems also favor the steam bath over the sometimes very hot sauna. The 20-minute sitting in a misty steam bath also works very well against dry skin and accelerates the healing process with superficial inflammations. In addition, a steam bath proves to be particularly excellent for strengthening the immune system and has a good detoxifying effect.

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Massages & therapies

Our wellness massages are designed for relaxation and well-being. Our wellness therapists are happy to advise you and recommend massages and wellness treatments.
Our therapy department offers also physiotherapy and other treatments for all medical problems and medically prescribed cures.

Massages Therapies


For our beauty and cosmetic treatments at the Salina Maris hotel, we use the local APINATURA products, which are made on the basis of products from bee colonies in our region.


Aromatic baths

Relax with a Cleopatra bath. The whey bath – a pleasure for the senses. It increases your well-being and cares for your skin. Even the Egyptian queen Cleopatra was said to have cultivated herself with honey and milk in the bath. Poppaea, the second wife of emperor Nero, had hundreds of donkey mares. A whey bath from her milk promised her a light and firm skin. Since then, there is the myth of these wellness baths and the Cleopatra bath is still an excellent way to relax in peace.
In our whirlpool 'Hydroxeur', we also offer other aroma baths, for example, with lavender for relaxation or with lemon to stimulate ...


Quiet room

To relax between and after your stays in the sauna and the steam bath you can relax in our quiet room. There are sun loungers as well as a pending lounger, which adapts to the body vibrations. During summer, you have direct access to the hotel garden.


Both the pool and the wellness area have direct access to the hotel garden. Sunbathe on the sun loungers, read a book in the shade of the plantains, play a game of chess or have a ping-pong duel. You will enjoy it .

Brine pool

Immerse in our 33 degree warm natural ocean. Pleasant, natural, healing relaxation in the 8 x 15 m swimming pool. The natural brine is considered to be one of Europe's strongest bathing water. A special bathing pleasure is guaranteed.

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